This locally produced Caravan Mover was developed by Durban inventor and Mechanical Engineer  Erik Warburg. When a fellow caravaner with a large Exclusive had challenged him to do so. 

He found that many other members of his Caravan Club had tried to create some kind of Caravan Mover that would make single-handed moving easy. He set his mind to this challenge, and gradually the right engineering design evolved.  

Erik’s Caravan Mover was then fitted onto his own caravan and those of two friends. Who tested the design extensively. [ all 3 original units are still in use today ].

The demand for the Ewik’s Caravan Mover soon exceeded all Erik’s expectations and he quickly had to expand his operation.

Part of Ewiks Caravan Movers appeal is its low cost relative to other imported products and that it requires no further engineering or adaptation before fitment.

He now has a team of distributors in most major centres and offers DIY for un-serviced areas.

In the event that you are not DIY competent, a kit can be taken to typically a 4x4, towbar fitment centres or caravan clinic.




Erik Warburg

Erik Warburg

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.