Our units are customised to each individual caravan. With no engineering required.


How it works:

Eriks Caravan Mover has basic universal components coupled with several specific brackets to enable fitting to most caravans with rubber/torsion suspension, and, in most cases, requires the drilling of only four holes for the bolting of the brackets to the chassis. [photo 1]

The drive is very easy to engage using the caravan wheel brace (the standard tool provided to operate the steadies). When the brace is pushed onto the head of the actuator nut, a safety mechanism is released which allows you to turn it to the locked or unlocked position.[Number 2 Bottom photo]

The safety device is there to make absolutely certain that the unit is either engaged or disengaged, as it effectively becomes a brake which can be relied upon on steep inclines, and also to ensure that there is no possibility of its engaging while the caravan is being towed. 

The pendant control box has a red safety button conveniently positioned on the handle. The button has to be held down at all times while the two control switches are being operated, in effect acting like a dead man's handle in a train - as just another safety feature. 

Getting more technical... 

The motors are very efficient as they have an epicycle reduction gearbox, which means that for most applications the standard caravan battery is sufficient. For double-axle caravans like the Exclusive and Elegence, where four motors are used, it is best to have a 100 amp-hour battery. 

The unit's weight is about 25 kg per axle, and as it is positioned very close to the axle, there is minimal effect on the balance of the caravan. 

Unlike some of the other gadgets in the marketplace, the Ewiks Caravan Mover is permanently fitted to the caravan, so it is available whenever needed: it doesn't have to be hauled out of the corner of the garage or boot and attached before use. 

In most cases the unit can easily be removed and transferred to another caravan should the need arise. 



Sprite unit

Sprite unit

Click to enlarge. Standard unit.

1. Drive beam mounted onto chassis

2. Actuator nut

3.Bracket Adjustments

Typical DIY Kit:

(Click to enlarge)

1. Control wire (6 core)

2. and 3. Panel Wire (4mm)

4. Hanger brackets

5. Nuts, bolts and washers

6. Terminals, conector stip and spare fuses.

7. Control pendant (5m trailing cable)

8. Relay Box / Fuse Box

9. Motor gearbox assembles

10. Mounting tube