Camping in Comfort has never been easier. Watch our new units in operation.

It’s all up hill: Watch as a 1 ton Jurgens Fleetline gets moved effortlessly up a 13 degree tarred driveway.

Bushlapa Ratel: In this video, we showcase that when the unit is correctly installed and with the right tires, almost nothing is impossible.

Elegance Dance: With just one hand, operation just two switches, we showcase just how easy it is to make your double axle caravan move and spin on its own axis. Believe you me, that with even 5 well-coordinated people this is quite a task.

Echo Chobe: We are excited to announce that we have now designed a cross member for the Echo Chobe. That limits the loss of ground clearance.

No Sweat: Moving your caravan in and out of tight spaces can be tricky. No matter your age. As we get older and as most Caravans are getting heavier, this becomes increasingly difficult. This video is meant to showcase just how easy it is moving your caravan with an Ewiks caravan mover on it. Without our movers on, this would have been an incredibly difficult task