Imagine Caravan DIY kit

Hi Erik,


Just thought I will drop you a mail to report on my DIY installation of your Ewiks Caravan Mover.


The installation was actually much easier than I anticipated and your detailed instructions made it

easy to understand and follow.


Taking the Imagine out of the garage or putting it back into the garage has become a breeze,

I have a fairly steep incline into the garage, but the Movers don't even sound as if they are
working very hard. I am impressed and happy with the product.


I changed the way the controller connect however . . . I wired the white controller wire into a

side storage box towards the front of the Imagine Caravan.  I then ditched the mounting

strip and feed it into a LAN Wall mount(Cat 5 Network connector and wall mount)  and

put a Cat 5 lan connector on the control unit, now it is easy to connect, just plug in, and when

finished, unplug and put the controller away all neatly rolled up and out of harms way.


Best Regards


Andre Meyer