Thank you for the outstanding after-sales service.

Hi Kyle

 After Allan had inspected the mover installation at Scottburgh we tested the tracking, but of necessity it was over a very short distance.  From what I saw, and from Allan’s comments, I was under the impression that he had not found anything wrong with the motors or the installation, and that the tracking problem remained unresolved.

 When we got home to Plett I had to move the caravan down the driveway and across a large area of lawn then into its parking place between two parallel walls that leave very little clearance on the sides.  Well, to my surprise and delight the caravan tracked as straight as an arrow all the way.  I am writing to you to say thank you for letting Allan come out to Scottburgh, and in general to say thank you for the outstanding after-sales service.  I am greatly impressed with Ewiks and will be sure to let my friends who have caravans know how satisfied I am with your product.  May your business prosper as it deserves to do.


Kind regards,


Steve Crutchley